This is the Winco Generator model PSS8000/P delivered here on May 15, 2001. These photos were taken July 5, 2003...... 25 months later.

Next Batch of pictures taken March 21, 2005. Generator has 110.7 Hours as of that date. Photos.

MVC-001S.JPG (28493 bytes) This is the location, on the north side of the house, on the Trex deck, in an enclosure housing the air conditioning units and the generator.

MVC-002S.JPG (25202 bytes)MVC-003S.JPG (26801 bytes)

MVC-004S.JPG (27511 bytes)MVC-005S.JPG (30004 bytes)

MVC-006S.JPG (26238 bytes)Total time to date : 65.5 hrs of operation.